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CDT 2014 codes are mandatory for reporting dental procedures and services provided from January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014. Dental professionals must use HIPAA mandated CDT codes to report procedures and services on dental claims. There are significant changes in the CDT coding system for 2014; including new codes, revised codes and deleted codes. Accurate CDT coding puts you in control of the reimbursement process and reduces your audit liability.

CDT PLUS! 2014 includes:

  • All official CDT 2014 codes and descriptions along with coding notes and coverage information.
  • Comprehensive introduction to CDT coding including extensive glossary
  • Comprehensive introduction to diagnostic coding for dental practices; including ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, SNODENT and the new Dental Diagnostic System (DDS) codes.
  • Complete instructions for the ADA Dental Claim form; including the new 2012 version.
  • A comprehensive Alphabetic Index

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