Medical Dental Cross Coding with Confidence – 2024 Edition


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Medical Dental Cross Coding with Confidence enables dental teams to conquer the complexities of medical claim submission for dental practices. Learn from easy-to-follow clinical scenarios and receive step-by-step instructions for completing the CMS 1500 (02-12) Medical Claim Form.

Dental plans are increasingly mandating the submission of certain dental procedures (such as surgical extractions, bone grafting, etc.) along with procedures considered medical in nature (such as biopsies, dental trauma, TMD treatments, sleep apnea appliances, etc.) to the patient’s medical plan before submission to the patient’s dental plan. Due to this trend, dental teams are now faced with the task of filing procedures to the patient’s medical plan more often.

No matter your experience level, this is a must-have for every practice! Most dental teams struggle with filing medical claims for dental procedures. This exceptional manual explains the different types of medical codes, how to complete the medical claim form, and how to submit proper claims to medical payers. Reduce the apprehension of filing medical claims in your practice with the straightforward guidance in this indispensable manual!


  • Cross Coding CDT to CPT Procedure Codes (includes new 2024 CDT codes)
  • Expert Billing Tips Included on Each Coding Page
  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan Information for the Dental Practice
  • How to Successfully Submit Claims to Medical payers for Dental-related Trauma, Surgical Extractions, Third Molar Extractions, TMJ, GERD, Sleep Apnea and more
  • Instructions on How to Complete the CMS 1500 (02-12) Medical Claim Form
  • Clinical Scenarios with Examples of Completed Medical Claim Forms
  • How to Report ICD-10-CM Diagnoses Codes on Medical and Dental Claims
  • Exclusive On-Line Access to Additional Information and Updates
  • Update on the Upcoming ICD-11-CM Diagnoses Codes

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