CDT 2024: Dental Procedure Codes



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Provides the most current information required for consistent and accurate documentation of services delivered, facilitating efficient processing of dental claims.

CDT 2024 code changes include:
15 additions
2 revisions
New category of service for sleep apnea services

Features new codes for:
Screening for sleep-related breathing disorders
Fabrication and delivery of oral appliance therapy (OAT)
Excisional biopsy of minor salivary glands
Immunization counseling
Application of hydroxyapatite regeneration medicament
Placement of a custom removable clear plastic temporary aesthetic appliance

Alphabetic and numeric indexes
Chapter with ICD-10 codes

ADA Product #J024BTi, ISBN: 978-1-68447-201-7, 192 pages

Spiral bound book with e-book + app

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