Optum360 2018 ICD-10-CM Professional for Hospitals (Softbound)

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The ICD-10-CM Professional for Hospitals: with Guidelines includes our hallmark features and format that make facing the challenge of accurate diagnosis coding easier. The hospital edition contains the complete ICD-10-CM code set, MCEs, and ICD-10 MS-DRG edits with symbols identifying codes for comorbidities/complications (CC), major comorbidities/complications (MCC), and principal diagnoses that function as their own CC/MCC.
Ordering your book with Guidelines means your book will come with the complete, official ICD-10-CM code set for hospitals and the updated 2018 coding guidelines bound together. Depending on when the guidelines are available, your code book may arrive after Oct 1, 2017.

  Features and benefits:

• New — Optum360 Edge — Two delivery options. Do you need the 2018 code set early for education, training and updating internal coding resources? Select early delivery and get your code book before Oct 1, 2017. Updated 2018 guidelines will be provided in a booklet that will be shipped separately at a later date. Do you need the 2018 guidelines bound in the book? Select the code book with 2018 guidelines. Books may arrive after Oct 1, but are guaranteed to contain the complete updated 2018 code set along with updated 2018 guidelines.
• New — Optum360 Edge — Deleted code list. All 2018 deleted codes listed in the front of the book.
• Optum360 Edge — Intuitive features and format. Includes all of the Optum360 visual alerts, including our hallmark color-coding and symbols that identify coding notes and instructions, additional character requirements, Medicare Code Edits (MCEs), CCs, MCCs, principal diagnosis functioning as its own CC/MCC, CC/MCC exclusions, HACs, and manifestation codes.
• Optum360 Edge — Coding guideline explanations and examples. At the beginning of each tabular chapter the chapter guidelines are provided with coding examples and rationale.


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