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The InHealth Professional Services 2018 ICD-10-CM for Hospitals Expert has all of the features and benefits of other Hospital ICD-10-CMs on the market, including:

  • COLOR CODED SYMBOLS FOR AGE AND SEX EDITS. Easily identify those codes that can only be used for a specific gender or age group.
  • NEW REVISED CODES AND SYMBOLS, AND NEW AND DELETED TEXT INDICATORS. Not only are all of the new and revised codes presented with symbols to mark them, but we have also underlined all new text and stricken through any deleted text to give the coder additional insight into the code changes.
  • ADDITIONAL DIGIT REQUIRED FLAGS IN BOTH TABULAR AND ABC INDEXES. Alerts the coder to the need for a more specific code for proper claims submission. Reminds the user not to use the ABC Index for coding by prompting them to view the additional digits in the Tabular list.
  • “UNACCEPTABLE PRINCIPAL,” “QUESTIONABLE ADMISSION,” AND “MANIFESTATION” DIAGNOSIS CODE FLAGS. Alerts the coder to codes that may not be considered acceptable for use as a payable admitting diagnosis code, and when a code should be reported secondary to a primary diagnosis.
  • ANATOMICAL ILLUSTRATIONS AT THE CODE-LEVEL. Increases understanding of the anatomy or other elements needed to make appropriate code selection.
  • HOSPITAL ACQUIRED CONDITION (HAC) FLAGS. Medicare has begun to not reimburse hospitals for treatment of conditions that were not present at the initial hos[ital admission (POA) of the patient. This indicator shows those diagnosis codes that are subject to HAC POA non-coverage.
  • COMPLICATION AND COMORBIDITY (CC) AND MAJOR CC (MCC) EDITS. The presence of CCs or MCCs in addition to the principal diagnosis is an important factor in correct DRG assignment under the new MS-DRG system. Diagnoses considered CCs or MCCs are indicated at the code level.
  • “VALID OR,” “NON-OR,” AND MEDICARE COVERAGE PROCEDURE CODE FLAGS. One important factor in correct DRG assignment is whether or not the procedure was performed in the operating room (OR). These indicators highlight procedures that are generally expected to be performed in the OR or specifically not in the OR. Additionally, Medicare non-covered and limited coverage procedures are flagged.
  • RUNNING PAGE HEADERS AND BLEED TABS. Easy term/code reference in the ABC and Tabular Lists, respectively. Tabular List bleed tabs are colored for even easier flipping between sections.

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