CPT Case Studies: Examples of Procedures & Services

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This new publication from the AMA provides exclusive guidance and coding tips from the AMA’s CPT Editorial Panel with the goal of building a strong understanding of CPT codes and correct coding. Organized like the CPT codebook, CPT Case Studies delivers accurate and authoritative information with practical situations for code reporting for more than 1000 most-reported CPT codes. Scenarios and illustrations richly elucidate official procedural situations and provide a comprehensive and powerful tool for reporting services.


  • Official description of service (pre-, intra- and post-) for most frequently reported CPT codes as approved by the CPT Editorial Panel. Includes much more than a lay description of the service!
  • Clinical examples for Evaluation and Management Services as approved by the specialty societies
  • Insightful illustrations of procedural elements included in these services
  • Global period information associated with each code to provide more detailed information about number of post-service days of care allowed for Medicare payment

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